Governor Newsom: S​.​O​.​A​.​P, U​.​P! Safely Open All Pools, Uniformly Please!

Dear Governor Newsom,

As a parent of 3 Children and an avid aquatic athlete myself, I must ask you to: S.O.A.P, U.P! Safely Open All Pools, Uniformly Please!  There is an inconsistency in which some pools are open and while others are closed in the same area.  To everyone’s betterment all pools should be opened across the state with uniform guidance and stewardship.

We’re concerned about the negative impact our children are experiencing due to lack of exercise due to increased indoor remote learning and without access to their local pools and lots of sunlight.

The majority of children, especially, those in less advantaged financial demographics do not have access to local community aquatics facilities beyond their neighboring high school.

Under the California Education Code, Civic Center Act EC Section 38130. It states, “Every public school facility is considered a civic center where citizens, school-community councils, and clubs as well as senior, recreation, education, political artistic and other organizations may meet. The School district may grant the use of school facilities and grounds upon certain terms and conditions deemed proper by the governing board and subject to specified limitations, requirements and restrictions set forth within the law.

If there are conditions deemed proper by the governing board to open all pools, let’s agree the pools themselves are safe and establish terms and conditions of safety protocols to clearly guide for safety, health and happiness.

Outdoor chlorinated pools have been documented to be exceedingly difficult to transmit the COVID-19 virus because of the disinfectant properties of liquid chlorine, the natural repeated action of submerging one’s head and limbs in the chlorinated water while swimming, and the humid conditions that exist immediately above the water’s surface serve to dissipate possible virus aerosolization, let’s agree the pools themselves are very safe when conducted with established CDC and Public Safety protocols that guide the actions and behaviors of aquatic athletes while on deck and coming into and exiting the pool.

We ask you to Open All Pools.  Our community needs them, not just the children but all ages of our population need pools for so many reasons such as: Emotional, Medical, Mental, Physical, Physiological & Social.

In Neighboring States, We’re getting this info from other aquatic athlete friends:

Seattle is practicing water polo with full scrimmages.

Portland has permitted swimming.

Fresno has swimming and water polo but doesn’t share balls.

New Mexico permits one swimmer on each side of lane line.

Arizona permits swimming with covid guidelines and allows hosted tournaments with strict rules.

Utah permits water polo games.

Texas permits water polo games.

Florida permits water polo games.

Chicago previously permitted practice, not sure as of today.

Alaska permits same family share lane.  Different household opposite side of pool.



Sean Plotkin

Please see below links that argue for for Opening All Pools:

January 25, 2021

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